OSIJEK ASFALT d.o.o. is a co-owned daughter of Belfry Holding GmbH. This company is managed together with a well-known cooperation partner called DUNA ASZFALT. Being able to combine the perks of both companies, Osijek Asfalt is focusing its work on concrete mixing plants.


The subsidiary BELFRY BULGARIA AD in Bulgaria is a 50% daughter company of BELFRY Holding GmbH. The company started its operations on the Bulgarian market in the beginning of 2018. It focuses on the construction of railways and civil construction. Furthermore, it focuses on the construction of transmission and distribution electric and telecommunication networks as well as electric installations. Having the Headquarters located in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, it has the ideal location and network available to fulfill the aims of the company.


Belfry in Romania is still in establishment. The company will be a 100% daughter of Belfry Holding GmbH . Benefitting from the years of experience of its mother company, Belfry Romania will focusing its core business on the improvement of infrastructure in the country. Furthermore, the company will offer not only the technical solutions but will also have a role as technical consultancy. Therefor the core business in Romania provides a full scope solution of infrastructure development implementations.


The foreign business in Slovenia is currently still managed by the operating company in Hungary, but a branch is already under construction. The middle-term goal is to establish an operating company, which can offer the full range of services of the Belfry Group.